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RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Wallet & Card Holder

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Searching for something that can hold all those credit cards you’re inevitably going to need on your travels, with space for your cash too? 


This classy money clip, in a range of slick styles, is what you’re after. A lightweight, aluminium construction gives this quality accessory a discreet profile and combined with built-in RFID blocking you can rest easy, knowing that your cash is safely tucked away.

No more bulky wallets that unreasonably take up more space than they should. The RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Wallet & Card Holder is a modern, sleek, front pocket wallet which is finished with a beautiful Carbon Fiber Finish. Using the latest RFID technology you can have the ease of mind of knowing that all the valuable data & money on your cards are safe from thieves. Equipped with an expandable card holder as the main compartment and a money clip to hold cash.



  • This neat and compact wallet is perfect for on the go people. It is also anti-fraud protected (RFID), so no one can wireless steal your card details.
  • Designed from Premium Stainless Steel.
  • High Quality Material: refinded aluminum or 100% real carbon fiber based on color choice
  • RFID Blocking: Military grade RFID blocking technology is used to stop wireless theft.
  • Practical Design: Holdes 1 to 12 cards without stretching out and the clip can hold about 5 folded cash
  • Gift Box Packing: Great gift idea for friends and family.


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