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Infinity Memory Locket

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One photo is never enough!



Infinity Memory Locket is also a necklace with a special design that will upgrade your personal charm. Purchase Infinity Memory Locket for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself, and keep your favorite photos all in one! 

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with this beautiful and unique expanding photo locket.  With angel wing clasps that opens up and expands to reveal up to 4 photos, you will be able to keep those close to your heart with you always. The perfect gift for any occasion. 

You can open the angel wing claps on this gorgeous Locket andexpand to reveal photos of precious beloved ones and moments.This unique Locket is a perfect gift for friends to remember those precious people in their lives and keep them close to the heart.



  • Open the angel wing claps on this gorgeous locket and expand to reveal 4 pictures of precious loved ones.
  • This unique locket is a perfect gift for loved ones and friends to remember those precious people in their lives and keep them close to your heart.
  • Perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, June Birthstone, Engagement, Brides, Bridesmaids or Graduation for any woman, teen, children, adults, daughters, granddaughters, girlfriend, wife, fiancee or that special lady.
  • Lockets are meant o carry the photos of the people who are most important to you. Our expanding locket never makes you choose! It is able to hold 4 precious pictures of your family members. You'll love and admire the unique design of this sweet locket and cherish the memories that are held inside.

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