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Lucky String Bracelet

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Everyone wants to have good fortune!!



Wearing Lucky String Bracelet is thought to have magical powers of protection and rewards of good luck. The custom of wearing the red string dates back to Genesis 38 and is worn to ward off misfortune.

Our Lucky String Bracelet is made with high-quality rope and 2  corales coated beads that are charged by a protective blessing ritual. They are 100% authentic handmade by our religious artisans from South East Asia. You can say the mantra (prayer), Om Mani Padme Hum (Hail the jewel in the lotus) whenever you are in need of protection, love and compassion.





  • These bracelets come in different color ranges that will make you spoilt for choice.
  • They can fit on most wrists since the length can be adjusted.
  • The left hand is the receiving part of the body. This Lucky String Bracelet will block all the negative energy so that your body can receive positive energy.




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