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Magic Toilet Cleaning Stone

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This Magic Toilet Cleaning Stone is a natural, chemical-free pumice stone on a handle, so you can easily grip and maneuver the stone to reach those TOUGH STAINS. It erases toilet bowl rings in seconds. It is a professional janitorial aid for generations. No more gloves needed when cleaning. We have great cleaning functions!



It is safe for children and pets, and it helps you scrub off those hard water, rust, lime, and calcium deposits without damaging your tile, toilet, bathtub or sink.



  • WONDERFUL CLEANING EFFECT Clean porcelain fixtures, hard-water stains, pool tile, toilet bowls, stubborn hard-water deposits and other residues while without leaving any scrathes on the surface of appliances.
  • FITS MOST HOUSEHOLD CLEANING Brings a shinny brand new look to your toilet bowel, it can be used for cleaning kitchen, batch, barbeque grills, laundry room fixtures,pool tiles and stone,even remove food callus effectively.
  • LASTS LONGER 20% more dense than similar products to last longer and clean better. Finer abrasive grit to diminish scratching.
  • STRONG HANDLE, ECO-Friendly The cleaning stone come with a enforced plastic handle protect your hands against being soiled while cleaning.Made of 100% recycled material (glass), high density, sturdy, fine grit. Safe for children, animals, plants and water. Non toxic and odourless.
  • FITS MOST HOUSEHOLD CLEANING Magical brings your Kitchen, batch, toilet bowel, barbeques, laundry room fixtures or metal appliances a brand new look.
  • REUSABLE Can be used over and over until visible damages occur. Simply remove all the obstructions and rinse in water.



  • You’d better wet the pumice cleaning stone to have a better function.
  • When you use it just run the surface gently and slightly.
  • After using, rinse and dry. You can tie a string through the hole so that you can hang it up.



  • Dimensions:The stone: 5.3 inch X 1.6inch x 1.6inch; 
    The handle: 3.6 inch long
  • Weight: 155g/5.5oz


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