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Norse Tree of Life Pendant

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This symbol signifies a connection between the earth and the universe, as above and below, as the universe, so the soul. 


This Life Tree design is noteworthy because the interweaving pattern of branches is identical to the root system. Put another way, the branches mirror the root system.

The Tree of Life provides the Breath of Life. This breath is also represented by the Spiritual Nature of Air, which is to "INSPIRE". The Significance of the Leaves of the Tree have been thought to be a form of "healing". Therefore, we look at healing from not only the Physical Point of View, but in the Spiritual or Emotional Point of View.



  • Design: The root of the tree (on both upper and lower part) is connected by the spiral at the center, indicating a notion of "As Above As Below, As within As without". The top loop is embossed "Om"
  • This pendant necklace is double sided, solid, endurable plating which gives it a antique finish.
  • It will make a nice gift for anyone who seek inner peace, like who practice yoga, meditation.
  • Pendant Material: Zinc ally with high quality antique silver plating.
  • Pendant Size: 3.5cm in diameter; Rope Chain: 50+5cm


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