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Phone Wristband

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This is a great alternative if you're like me and like to change the music during your runs. 


Are you a sporty guy or gal? Are you constantly working out or maybe out running or jogging? One thing’s for sure when you’re that active, it’s pretty hard to keep watch on your smartphone… basically, because you’re on the go and constantly on the move.

Much more easier to navigate than the arm band and surprisingly very comfortable. Comes in 4 great colors and fits most phones. The Phone Wristband solves this problem easily! With a 180 degree rotation and an anti-slip phone dock, you can simply place your smartphone on the dock and do your thing!



  • Anti-slip dock to ensure that your phone is safe whether you’re jogging, running, working out, hiking, cycling, climbing, and more!
  • Combine Armband and Glove into one, carry phone on upper left arm and go sport! Free your hands while running, cyclying or hiking! Enjoy games or examine the map whenever and wherever possible!
  • Suitable for 5.1” to 5.8” Phone: Every Wristband comes with two straps. One is for wrist circumference around 8 inches and the other is for less than 12 inches.
  • Notice Can not directly activate the unlock interface by home button for iPhone 8/7 Plus, please activate iPhone‘s "AssistiveTouch" before unlock screen.
  • HD and Sensitive Touch Screen Don’t need to take off your phone if you want to message somebody or find your way on the map.
  • Reflective Material around the Frame It will reflect when encounter the car light. Enjoy your exercise, Value your safety


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