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Ponytail Baseball Cap

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Don't you just hate it when products are designed only for men and male hairstyles?


Well no more... these Ponytail Baseball Cap are made specifically for women and are simply GENIUS! It was designed with a cut out hole on top for your ponytail or messy bun to pop out through....AND has the same adjustable strap as in a traditional baseball hat!

So if you don't feel like washing your hair today and need a way to still looked super classy, then the  Ponytail Baseball Cap is perfect for you as it will allow you to pull your hair up into a messy bun, high ponytail, or half up + half down and top off a velvet, glitter or cute girly style baseball hat.

You can finally wear a cap and a ponytail or messy bun at the same time! Fall in love with the look of your new cap.



  • Perfect for pulling your messy bun or high ponytail through!
  • Time-saving and convenient design is great for leisurely or active outdoor adventures, like sports and camping!
  • One Size with adjustable strap
  • Ponytail And Bun Cut Out, So You Can Choose For Both Styles Using The Upper Or Lower Cut! 
  • New Spring/Summer Trend Alert!
  • Practical, Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Keep Your Head Cool During Hot Weather
  • Perfect for exercising 
  • Adjustable Size
  • Not Sold In Stores
  • Made Of Cotton
  • Comfortable


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