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Popular Fried Egg Molder

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  Lovely shape mold for cooking eggs or pancakes for your lover as well as your family.



This makes them great for children who are very picky with the shape of their foods. Especially when you have several children, this Egg molder is a must have egg kitchen gadget! Have a lovely egg mold, a fried egg will be filled with fun. A warm and loving breakfast will make you and your family energetic all day. loving and fun breakfast.




  • Excellent design for cooking eggs or pancakes for your lover as well as your family. Ideal for making pancakes, crumpets or fried. Perfect for egg muffins, mini pancakes, small omelettes, poached eggs, burgers & more!
  • 5 Shapes: Star / Heart / Round / Plum Flower / Micky Mouse, lovely shape fried egg mold. Easy to clean and enduring performance.
  • High quality material, Stainless Steel Sharp Blades, dishwasher safe and very easy to clean for reuse.
  • Polished stainless steel, beautiful for any occasion.


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