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Reversible Windproof Umbrella

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Are you tired about your umbrella turning inside-out, breaking and blowing away in a windy rainy day? Or trying to get into your car or a closed space without getting all wet? 



Reversible Windproof Umbrella is your best solution. This innovative umbrella is reverse folding and has double layers. It closes inside-out, this way, it prevents from getting wet and other public disasters. No more wet floors when entering a building, car o home. It is also safer to open and close when in crowds, the danger to poke in people's eyes has been removed by the design.

Easy and safe to use, with a simple click and push, it keeps your hands free while you are using your mobile phone or carrying things. Moreover, its reversible technology allows self stand when it's closed. The umbrella stand up on its own, ideal for when you have nowhere to prop your umbrella up against. Stay dry with this amazing Reversible Windproof Umbrella!




  • DURABLE MATERIAL It is mad of water repellent pongee fabric, double-layer canopy and smooth top, and using high quality electroplated steel shaft and resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs.
  • SMART INWARD FOLDING DESIGN Different from any other similar product, Reversible Windproof Umbrella utilize an smart drip-free inward folding design. This way, it's their dry side that faces outwards once you fold them forget about messy puddles and wetness on your car’s floor!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS When it comes to our inverted car umbrellas, we make a point of using nothing but premium quality windproof fabrics, durable fiberglass, and Nano-waterproof technology; this product is three times as waterproof as your common umbrella!
  • AMAZING GIFT IDEA Whether for your best friend, your sister or your significant other, our double-layer inverted car umbrella is the best present you can think of; smart, extremely practical, affordable and impressive to look at!
  • HANDS-FREE HANDLE The C-Shaped Handle Grip allows you to use your mobile phone while holding the umbrella! You can also free up your hand to hold the shopping bags or even your baby!


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