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Immortality Skull Natural Beads Bracelet

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Give one fingered salute to the Grim Reaper with this Immortality Skull Bracelet

A Skull is the most powerful and oldest symbol known to mankind. Wear this bracelet and attract Good Luck, Fortune and escape bad situations. Show it off to your family & friends as a symbol of your immortality.



  • HAND-MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS: Our bracelets are made to order, made by our artisans who handpick the best beads and match them based on color, pattern and slight size variances, this makes each bracelet a unique piece of art.
  • NATURE'S BEST CREATIONS: We only use natural, paint- and acid-free grade A stones. We partner with the best quarries and stone companies to produce bold styles using the most unique stones in the world.
  • THE PERFECT FIT: Our artisans string your bracelets according to your wrist size, eliminating the need for traditional clasps, while allowing us to keep the design clean while fitting you perfectly.
  • LATEX-FREE SILICONE: All of our bracelets are made with our own silicone cord that is super durable and returns to its original shape after stretching. This high-end cord makes our bracelet comfortable and easy to wear.
  • INDIVIDUALLY AGED METALS: Our silver and gold components are sanded and aged by hand. Making them darker and less shiny to give them a more raw and masculine look that matches our stones.

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