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Talking Hamster Christmas Toy

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Give the gift of laughter and have a merrier Christmas! 


Meet the most adorable hamsters! If you’re still thinking of what gift to give your loved ones this Christmas, this will definitely be a sure hit! It’s cute, it’s adorable and most of all it’s such a fun toy both for kids and kids at heart!



The Talking Hamster Christmas Toy is a very intelligent toy at the same time as it can entertain anyone using their same language!



This fun and amusing Talking Hamster will repeat anything it hears, then fires back with its cheeky high pitched voice which is guaranteed to get laughs wherever you go!



MUST-HAVE for family gatherings, pranksters, jokes and more! Let the joy flows in the air!



  • Try different sounds and hear how they can mimic you perfectly with their cute voice.
  • They can be a great addition to your Christmas theme décor with their cute little red hats and scarves.
  • Bring them in the car during travels and they can sing along with youand keep you entertained.
  • Play instrumental music and they can play it back too.
  • Put them beside babies and hear them mimic even their cutest babbles!
  • Hold them and feel their soft fur.
  • Different textures experienced by children are good for their learning.
  • Even the dogs find this amusing as they can copy their barks too.
  • See them bounce up and down every time they make a sound.
  • Try any other sound you want to hear it mimic! It’s definitely a fun toy for all ages!


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