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Waterproof Hammock Dog Seat Cover

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"Just launched - the best pet car seat cover that's waterproof, heavy duty, non-slip and easy to clean. Fits all cars and not sold in stores!"



Every four-legged buddy loves a good road trip. Keep your doggo safe and your car clean with while you drive the car with this Waterproof Hammock Dog Seat Cover.



  • WATERPROOF, HEAVY DUTY, NON-SLIP Made from extremely tough, waterproof material with non-slip silicone covers to stay in place and Universal fit for most vehicles.
  • EASY TO USE Reversible hammock-style seat cover to keep your dog off the floor and out of the front car seat. Features Velcro seat belt openings & a universal fit for most vehicles and stain resistant.
  • EASY TO CLEAN Completely waterproof and super easy to clean muddy paws, hairs, drool etc. Easy to hose down.
  • NOT SOLD IN STORES This is online special only offer for a new product that can't be found in your local stores.
  • Reversible Hammock-style seat cover to keep your dog off the floor and out of the front car seat



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